Movings of flats


Phoenix prepared for retail customers an offer tailored to individual needs and expectations. Thanks to it every customer who is looking for a custom, but also highly secure solutions can find a tailor-made service.


We know from experience that some customers alone pack up and prepare for transport. There are also those who, in the multitude of daily tasks and responsibilities can not find free time to take on their own to move in a comprehensive manner.



That is why we have prepared an offer involving the implementation of various tasks. Among them you will find:


Help in arranging an appropriate amount (boxes, cartons)

Arranging the right amount of protective materials (tapes roomy, foil, corrugated cardboard).

Draw up a contract and any dokumenów necessary for transport.

Adequate security prior to transport furniture.

Removal and installation of furniture in the new destination.

Transportation specialist cars.



For us, every customer is important, regardless of what stage we start working.